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Vender com WordPress + WooCommerce com confiança.

Todos conhecemos o WordPress, e toda a gente que faça vendas online conheceo WooCommerce. Juntos formam uma equipa formidável. Claro, ambos têm as suas próprias limitações, mas se conseguir viver com elas, este softwares são ótimos! Aqui na Skrey.Cloud, tronamos a venda do WordPress com WooCommerce uma brisa.

How? Here’s how:

Security Management

Security Management for

WordPress + WooCommerce

Updates & Upgrades

Constant updates and upgrades

to keep your store always up-to-date

with the latest security patches

Plugin Security

Plugin security validation

On top of that, we do what we always do.

What we usually do when we setup your store:


Analyze your store visitor traffic


Setup a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your store

Performance Tune

Performance tune your WooCommerce installation


Perform database query optimization


Design and implement the right hardware and logical infrastructure for your ecommerce store

After it’s all setup and running smoothly, we:


Perform continuous monitoring on your store servers – we’ll immediately know and take care of it when something goes wrong

Keep Running

Keep the servers and your store running smoothly


Perform updates on your store and servers


Lookout for attacks and threats to your store

If you’re looking to build an ecommerce store with WordPress + WooCommerce you should definitely get in touch with Skrey Software