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ECommerce Performance Stack

ECommerce Hosting done right!

Our ecommerce performance stack comprises numerous aspects, from the servers to the software running on them and the services we provide.

Together, they will boost your store performance significantly.

Our servers:

NGINX Web Server(s);

MySQL Database Server(s) with XtraDB Storage Engine;


PHP Accelerator;

Memcached In-Memory Cache System;

Varnish HTTP Cache;

CDN – Content Delivery Network;

GIT – Distributed Version Control System;

ionCube PHP Loader.

Our server software:

Intel Xeon E5 CPUs or upper;

High Performance RAM;

SAN Storage on SSD Disks;

KVM Virtualization;

Load Balancing;

Private Network between datacenter VMs.

Test Environment:

We require a test environment from all our customers. All new modules and features must be previously tested before being applied to the production environment.


DDoS Protection with Cloudflare;

Port Firewall;

Web Application Firewall;

Security Patching;

Continuous Monitoring;

Automated Backups;

Private Network between customer VMs.

Support and Services:

Ticket System;

Unlimited number of support requests;

Support availability 24 x 7 x 365;

No minimum contract period.

Let us know how we can help.