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Varnish Cache - Skrey Cloud

Supercharge your ecommerce store with Varnish Cache

What is it?

Varnish Cache is a web request accelerator, sometimes referred to as a HTTP accelerator, that will significantly enhance your web performance.


Varnish speeds up your store by storing a copy of the page in RAM memory the first time a user visits that page. Varnish can also be configured to cache only some bits and pieces of a page, which means that your store will remain as dynamic as it was.

What all this means is that with Varnish your store will be able to handle much more traffic and your store performance and scalability will be supercharged.

Why is speed important?

E-commerce stores require a fast and engaging user experience.


Numerous studies conclude that every second of load time on your ecommerce store accounts for significantly increased abandonment rates, page views drops and a significant decrease in conversions.

Varnish can make your store pages load faster by 250x.

What more will your store gain?

Faster Store

Faster Store = Happier and More Entertained Customers

Faster Page Loading

Faster Page Loading = Better SEO rankings

Did we already mentioned cost reduction on server infrastructure?

Since pages are fully or partially cached in memory, your server won’t have to process as many page requests as it previously did.

This means you can reduce the costs of your server infrastructure by up to 70%.

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