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N-Server - Virtual Data Center

If you need more performance and resilience,

then N-Server (multi server) is for you.

What does N-Server mean?

N-Server (or multi-server architectures) rely on our Virtual Data Center hosting solution where your servers (Virtual Machines) are hosted together, are able to share computing resources – like CPUs, RAM, Storage; and communicate with each other through their own private network.

Is it enough for my ecommerce store?

When you need to handle a lot of visitor traffic and to do it with the ease of mind that redundancy brings, this is the solution for you.

A typical entry-level multi server architecture is:

1 Web Server

1 Database Server

This architecture separates web request processing from data reads and writes thus speeding up request processing.

This is a good solution if your store has lots of plugins, a lot of complex features, integrations with other systems or if it’s already handling a lot of visitor traffic comparatively to what it was engineered for.

Another typical multi server architecture is:

1 Web Server

1 Database Server

1 Integration Server

This kind of architecture is identical to the former, except that it host an ecommerce system that has a lot of visitor traffic and that’s integrated with a customer ERP system.

A more redundant and balanced architecture is the clustered one:

1 Load Balancer

2 Web Server

2 Database Server

2 Cache Servers

This architecture inherits the attributes of the previous 2 and adds redundancy. This way, if one of the servers goes offline – or half of them, the store will continue to work normally without any disruptions.

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